TS Mia Isabella is a sensational transsexual model and actress who has appeared in a number of adult films. She is also known for her work as a professional dominatrix. Mia Isabella has been active in the adult film industry since 2009 and has won several awards for her performances. She is considered to be one of the most successful and well-known transgender performers in the industry.

If somebody asked you to name a Transsexual Model the first name that would spring to mind is probably TS Mia Isabella. With her tanned, toned curves and her long hard cock Mia Isabella is one of the most famous and indeed sexy shemale models ever.


She is a mix of French, Puerto Rican and Jamaican, so she definitely has the right genes for a cracking booty body and lovely thick cock. She was born in Chicago, Illinois but spent her childhood in Tennessee. Among her “many achievements” is a fashion degree from the Paris Fashion Institute. In 2005 at the age of just 19 Mia entered the adult industry and there began a career starring in some the horniest shemale porn movies ever to be produced.

In 2016 it was revealed that Mia Isabella had a fling with black rapper Tyga. He strenuously denied it but Mia shared some screen shots on her Instagram account of some intimate messages, claiming that they were from him.

TS Mia Isabella
Mia Isabella says, “Based out of LA, available anytime. I prefer to make myself available to members of my site. A true Muse, I find great fulfillment in playing this quite important role in the lives of important men. I inspire a man of high ambitions with my rich feminine substance. Sometimes indirectly, just being myself, I help to crystallize ideas and views. So, I am not “just a pretty face”, though even in that matter you will find quite a superiority to hundreds of pretty women.

I am your truly VIP companion stunning, feminine, sensual Femme Fatale in blossom of her early 20’s. Beautiful and statuesque, with a great figure and a voluptuous feminine body, satin skin, full breasts, graceful legs, I can certainly be called a woman made for love. The way I have chosen is my conscious choice.

Sensuality I possess is quite a rare gift of nature and I want to share it with the right people. I have a good education and some talents and skills which I use and develop. But I need to express myself also as a woman, naturally, just the way she was created; spontaneous, emotional, sensitive, free of deforming her essence from modern social restrictions and functions unnatural for her, made for love, free like a bird and beautiful for that, generous and giving.


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