I lived by myself for a while in Sacramento, California so no problem there, so after showering and shaving my balls and asshole, I set up my DVD player to play “Ladyboys in Latex”. I retreated to my bedroom to choose an outfit. I feel naughty and nice tonight, so white, definitely white. I chose a white silky bustier with spaghetti straps and garters, and some brand new thigh high sheer white stockings. After I attached the garters, I pulled the laces on the back as hard as I could and tied them tight. I tucked the laces up so they wouldn’t get messed up in my ass. I looked in the mirror, from the chest down I looked like a hot chick with a hard dick, I always loved dressing in hot lingerie, I thought I was hot.

My true homo erotic fantasy is rooted in wanting a hot crossdresser just like me. If I could reach my own cock, I’d never come up for air. Padding into the living room on my nylon covered feet, I relished the cool feeling on my legs, and I couldn’t resist stroking my hips and thighs while I walked. I laid a towel on the couch and laid my things on the edge so they’d be handy. Looking at the TV, I saw the familiar scene with two young ladyboys sucking and fucking each other. It was a hot scene, but it was really a time killer while I got ready for the next hot scene. I idly stroked my cock and sucked the end on my toy. I lightly licked on the head and could faintly taste my ass on it from before even though I washed it thoroughly.

The scene on the TV changed. This is the best TV fantasy of mine. They show two hot ladyboys with Huge Shemale Cocks dressed in black strappy latex outfits, playfully stroking each others cocks. At this point, I lube up my dildo and lift my ass off the couch. I point my fake dicks head right into my hungry butt hole and push. The tough part is just past the head, but with a little twisting and pumping, my ass opened up and started accepting the thickest part of its circumference.

The best part of the whole procedure is when I get past the thick taper. As soon as I get to the change in diameter, it gets so much easier that it shoots forward the rest of the way, and it kinda fucks me involuntarily on the way in. Once I’m satisfied that I can get comfortable with this huge piece of plastic up my ass, I sat back and allowed my weight to keep some constant pressure on my pried opened butt hole.

I rubbed my nipples through my silky top and stroked my cock lovingly and looked back at the screen. My lovely ladyboy had her hard cock pointed at the camera, fucking back and forth as if the viewer is sucking her cock. I would love to really do that to her and my cock started throbbing. I turned the vibrator on but left it on the lowest setting. I want this to last. On the screen, the view turned around so it looked like I was locked in a hot 69 with her, sucking mine while I sucked hers.

By now I’m really horned up, so I brought out my cock toy. Clear flesh like fat sleeve with a tight ribbed hole. The business end is shaped like the opening of a tight asshole, so I start tonging the rosebud while rocking gently back and forth to rattle the fat toy in my ass. I pushed some spit into my toy hole and then a generous squirt of lube. I sank the first few inches of my cock into that tight wet hole and reached down to turn my vibe up halfway. By now my prostate is humming and my cock is having faint pre-spasms. I can pretty much cum any time now, but I held out to make this special. Right on cue, the scene changed to a close up POV ass fucking this tranny.

I imagined that was my cock poking her ass, and I immediately started pumping my cock toy up and down harder. The idea of being dressed and fucking a beautiful shemale, or CD or whatever, along with having my ass vibrated or possibly fucked by a cock was just awesome. I scooted down towards the edge of the couch, lifted my legs way up high so I could fuck my ass hard with my dildo, and rubbed my panty clad knees against the sides of my face.

Of course the scene changed right in time, it shows from the bottom perspective, the hung tranny lifting up my legs and inserting her hard she cock up the ass. The camera angle changes so you can see her huge dick penetrating this cute sissy hole. I imagine it’s my ass while I plunge my dildo as deep as it’s ever been. The other tranny in the movie starts dangling her dick and balls over the camera so I can suck while I’m getting fucked.

She even bends down to give a courtesy suck to the girl, me, getting fucked. I’m so hot now, I’m pumping my cock in and out of my wet tight cock sleeve, fucking my ass with almost the entire length of my vibrating dildo, which I’ve turned up to it’s highest setting. As my anal ring opens and closes rapidly, and the head pounds into my sweet spot, my cock starts throbbing hard. I feel like my entire lower body is involved in jetting streams of hot cum out of the tip of my cock, out of the open end of my fuck toy, and all over my face and my lacy white lingerie. I quickly swallowed the few drops in my mouth, pulled my dildo out of my ass, and sucked it straight down.

On the screen my lovely tranny is now waving her cummy dick at the camera as if inviting me to clean my own ass off her dick, while I’m sucking it off my dildo. With the taste of cum and ass in my mouth, and my ass contracting from the sudden exit of my fake dick, I kept pumping my cock into my other toy now that it’s lubed with my cum. I concentrated on my dickhead, rubbing it halfway through the hole so my next cum would stay trapped.

As the tranny in the movie jerked her load out onto my TV screen, I shot my load into my cock sleeve, jerked feverishly four more times and then brought it to my mouth to slurp my cum as it dripped out of my just fucked toy. Satisfied, I washed all the toys, but stayed dressed in my kinky, cum stained lingerie just in case I wanted more.

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