I have always been a cross dresser since I moved to Orlando in Florida and enjoyed it. One day I was home from a business trip early and found my wife was doing the laundry. There on the top of the laundry pile were her pale blue knickers. She left the room and I picked them up and I was running my hand across them and soon I was feeling and rubbing my cock which quickly became erect. All too soon I was shooting the results of my rubbing into my pants, a nice warm sticky mess of cum, so I tossed her knickers back on top of the laundry and went to change. It was four weeks later that I needed to go out of Tampa for the night to visit a customer.

As I was packing I took a pair of my wifes knickers out of her drawer and took them with me. While on my trip I wore them the entire time and spent very enjoyable evenings feeling myself and cumming in them. I was soon dressing up and finding new spots to go to and have fun at, bars where I was having drinks bought for me and hands trying to get under my skirt. As usual when I arrived home to Orlando I would put my girly bag in the garage and leave my normal bag in the kitchen.

My wife would empty it and do the laundry and that would be it. It was several days later that when I went to get a fresh pair of underwear, when I opened my drawer that there on top of my white boxers was a pair of her panties. It was the same pair that I was wearing a couple days ago. I was wondering if maybe it was a mistake or something. On my next trip I checked my bag and made sure there were only men’s clothes in it. Again several days later, when I opened my drawer there I saw several pairs of new panties.

A thong, briefs and a low cut boy shorts. I knew something was up now. But what, I had no clue.

Orlando Cross Dresser

It was a couple weeks later when I found out I needed to go out of town that night that I asked her to pack a bag for me. I arrived home and she was out and there sat my bag. I grabbed it and off I went. At the hotel it was when I opened the bag there on top was a pair of white and pink knickers with a candy kiss taped on them. I now knew it was known to her what I was doing, she knew I was a genuine FLORIDA CROSS DRESSER.

I wore the knickers all during my trip and enjoyed them a lot. I did not think of whom or what or why, just enjoyed. On my return my wife had made a few comments that could have been taken several ways. I choose the way that I understood them. It got to be a regular thing for her to pack my suit case. Several trips later it was a camisole then a bra. The time seemed to fly by at a fast pace. It has been two years since the first pair showed up and this last trip the case carried a dress and makeup and heels. The problem that I was having was that it not only made me feel good but, I looked good also. Under the wife’s idea we joined a gym in order to keep fit and healthy.

I also started eating healthier. After several months, I knew the diet and gym visits were doing their job. My normal clothes seemed tighter in places and loose in others. I did not think about it. The only thing that perplexed me was that in tight t-shirts, it looked like I had tits or was that just wishful thinking. My waist had gotten smaller and my skin was softer and my body hair was thinner. I just figured that with the diet and vitamins that it was just a nice side effect.

My wife had convinced me to let my hair grow and in the sales position I held it did not matter. I was reluctant when she wanted to have both my ears pierced. One had always been pierced since I was a teenager. Now it was both. My wife set up a much deserved vacation for us. It was going to be a month long. If we needed and desired more time, she had included a 2 week extension to the trip. She set up a nice private vacation resort. It was located on a white sands Caribbean beach area.

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