If you’re a transsexual fan then you’ll know all about the big cock Brazilian shemales in Latin America and the petite, smooth Lady Boys of Thailand. You might also have seen the term “Waria” used and wondered what is a waria ?

Let me transport you to the largest Muslim country in the World, Indonesia. Officially it’s called the “Republic of Indonesia”, it is the largest island country with an amazing total in excess of 17,000 islands.

Indonesia Waria
The word Waria combines two Indonesian words, “Wanita” meaning woman and “Pria” meaning man. Yes, Waria is a traditional third gender in modern Indonesia, a community of transgender people with a long history and many traditions.

It can be tough being a Waria, they often face discrimination and violence. Some Warias are visible on the streets of cities like Jakarta, Denpasar and Yogyakarta where many warias perform in bars and cabaret.

What I’ve noticed with warias is that their breasts seem very soft and natural, beautiful tits and soft pale skin, very feminine. So if you take a trip to Indonesia, go visit a sexy waria for a good time.